Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Competitive Yoga

Last night I did yoga with some of the residents - in an area in the basement of the Academy, referred to as the "Crypto-Porticus." I like to call it the Crypto-Crapticus, just because it sounds so much better. Anyway at the end of class, I mentioned to someone that I get so mad after yoga when I don't win. (Obviously a joke...right?) I guess people I don't know don't always get my winning sense of humor....because this woman responded by telling me "oh no, that is not what yoga is about...when you get to be my age you understand that..." And then when I went on to say that I really think yoga should be a competitive sport at the olympics, like synchronized swimming, where people compete in teams of two...she still didn't get it. HELP. New people are scary. But I guess she is probably thinking that about me.